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Isabella Kron is an international fashion brand designing luxury goods Made In Italy. With a minimalistic approach in the look and a comprehensive feel in the detail, all items are made simply with the intent to be modern and lasting.


Isabella Kron encompasses a unique sense of rarity that is genuinely lavish and forward thinking. Specializing in leather, lifestyle accessories, ready-to-wear pieces, and Swiss made watches, the brand is committed with the intention to be timeless.


Designed with thought. Crafted with quality. Fashioned with purpose.


The fundamental base of Isabella Kron makes sense with the seasons of style. Everything sits cohesive for the next collection and for the next decade of fashion. It is not about what is trending and has no influence from others – the designs come from a deep well of sumptuous simplicity and distinct detail. Isabella Kron is meant for chic adaptability.


The Italian made lifestyle brand speaks authenticity.


With a distinctive spirit and contemporary elegance, each piece is crafted with its signature blend of functionality and an artistic approach. Eschewing trends, Isabella Kron embodies a subtle spirit while maintaining a delicate aesthetic to designs that combine natural materials and intricate features.


This is endlessly modern.